Expert Auto Repair Services for European Vehicles

At Ken Baker Originals EuroPro, our mechanics are trained, equipped, and qualified to service and repair all European vehicle makes and models—we've worked on everything from vintage Porsches to peppy new MINIs to souped-up Mercedes. More than 35 years ago, our shop started out as a BMW-only auto repair shop, and now, with four locations, we're still one of the only import specialty shops in the Myrtle Beach area. If you drive a European vehicle, you can trust us to provide smart, efficient service that's especially suited to your car.

Our Automotive Services for European Vehicles

  • Diagnostics
  • Check Engine Lights
  • Emission System Repairs
  • Brakes
  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • Batteries
  • Fuel Injection Cleaning
  • Heating System
  • Radiators
  • Water Pumps
  • Wheel Balance
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Suspension
  • Drive Axles
  • U-joints
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Antilock Brakes (ABS)
  • Power Windows & Doors
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
  • Exhaust System & Mufflers
  • Air Conditioning
  • Timing Belts
  • Transmission Service & Repair
  • Tune-ups
  • Oil Change
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Tire Repair
  • Steering
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Fix Rattles, Squeaks & Bangs

Here's More on Some of Our Popular Services

mechanic working on an engine

European Auto Repair

As our name implies, at Ken Baker Originals EuroPro, we specialize in servicing and repairing European vehicles, including BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes, MINI, Saab, Porsche, Smart Car, Volkswagen, and Volvo. Our experience and specific training, tools, and equipment mean we have real knowledge and proficiency when it comes to working on German cars and other Euro makes and models, from daily drivers to the rarest imports. In South Carolina or North Carolina, you'd be hard pressed to find a better option for European car repair.

Brake Repair

Brake Repair & Service

You must be able to rely on your car's braking system to give you maximum stopping power when you need it, so if you are experiencing any symptoms of a brake problem, such as squealing, grinding, or slow braking response time, it's time for a brake inspection to identify necessary repairs. If you haven't had your brakes serviced in some time, it's also a good idea to give us a call. Our mechanics are experienced and professionally trained, and we use only high-quality parts that meet or exceed OEM standards.

oil change

Oil Change & Lube Service

Changing your oil regularly is critical for the overall health of your vehicle. When oil breaks down over time, it becomes less effective as a lubricant, which means parts of your engine will rub together and wear out, potentially leading to the need for expensive repairs and replacements. As your car ages, routine oil changes and lube service become even more important to prevent loss of performance and efficiency. When you come to Ken Baker Originals for an oil change, we promise to make it as quick and convenient as possible.

Diesel Repair

Preventive Maintenance

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend a 30K, 60K, 90K, and 120K preventive maintenance service schedule for optimum performance and efficiency. However, as experienced auto repair technicians, we know many drivers don't stick to a routine preventive maintenance schedule—hey, you're busy and your car's running fine, right? In fact, you could end up neglecting something important and inadvertently cause yourself to need a major repair down the road. Let us help you prioritize car care, and you'll enjoy a longer lasting vehicle.

transmission repair

Transmission Service & Repair

The transmission is one of the most complicated and important components of your vehicle. That's why it's important to trust its maintenance and repair to a full-service import auto repair specialty shop. While some transmission problems are notoriously expensive to fix, there are many issues that can be resolved simply. Without expert knowledge, you may end up paying for a transmission overhaul or replacement that you don't need. Our technicians have the training and expertise to properly diagnose and repair your transmission.

car broken down on the side of the road

Emergency Repairs

Ken Baker Originals is here for any kind of trouble with your vehicle, including emergency repairs. We know your car breaking down can be frustrating and, even worse, it can leave you stranded, so we provide the best automotive service we can to make you feel at ease during such a time. If you ever need emergency vehicle service, call us. We'll arrange for towing in the area you're located in addition to repairing your vehicle as soon as possible. Relax and let us take care of it.