From Your Local BMW Experts to Your North & South Carolina EuroPros

Here's the Ken Baker Originals Story

Ken Baker Originals is a family-owned auto repair shop that opened over 35 years ago in Marion, South Carolina. Shortly after getting the business up and running, Ken Baker had the insight to recognize that vehicles where becoming so technologically advanced—even in the 1980s—that the shop should choose a brand to specialize in. He noticed BMWs were starting to come on strong in the United States, and there were only a few auto repair shops that would service and repair these vehicles.

So, for the next 10 years, Ken Baker Originals did nothing but BMW repairs, maintenance services, mechanical work, and bodywork. Eventually, the shop became very active in the used sports business, and opened the largest BMW recycling center on the East Coast. In 2005, Cal Baker took over operations of Ken Baker Originals, and saw the business had reached a point where we were no longer able to serve all our customers from the facility in Marion.

Ken Baker Originals EuroPro Auto Repair Shop

It was time to grow… and grow we did!

Cal then made the decision to establish Ken Baker Originals in Myrtle Beach, and in December of 2006, we repaired our first car at our new location. Two years later, we were ready to open a shop in Wilmington, North Carolina. Not surprisingly, as the business grew, so did the number of requests to service more vehicles. To meet customer demand, Ken Baker Originals began servicing Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Volvo, MINI, and Smart Car—and we changed our name to Ken Baker Originals EuroPro as a result.

In 2012, our Marion shop was moved to Florence, SC, and, finally, in January of 2014, we opened our doors in Charleston, South Carolina. After all these years, we're proud to say we still have customers who have come to us from the very beginning—and now their children, too! We like to think we've simply made it easier for all the people who drive exceptional vehicles, and who expect exceptional service, to have an auto repair shop they can count on.

Thanks to everyone who's helped us get where we are today!